Monday, 14 November 2011

Meaning of Sheen

Getting back on track. Left the lessons too long. May Allah ease this journey. Will not look back. Have allowed myself time to adjust to the new life, now refreshed with new goals and targets. The ayat discussed in this video- very interesting. But when i opened my copy of tafsir (bahasa melayu) somehow the message is not clear enough and I probably wouldn't go on thinking about the verse had I only read it from my tafsir. In fact I just read the tafsir of this surah last month. Was I sleepy? .....ok, ok.. but hidayah, knowledge belongs to Allah alone. Does not depend on which tafsir you use. One more reason to quickly master the arabic language.

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Wan Sharif said...

Mmm.. I have problem with dzal and zai..need your help here;)